Compulsive Audio Guitar Effects Pedals

Welcome to Compulsive Audio Guitar Effects. We are a small boutique guitar effect pedal company based in Northern NJ.

You will immediately notice that most of our pedals do not sport flashy graphics. Instead, our focus is on tone and build quality. In the long run these are what matter to most gigging guitarists. Our pedals' switch and knob layouts are simple and intuitively color coded so they can be seen and adjusted on your pedal board from a player's perspective. 

Every Compulsive Audio guitar effect pedal is hand built in the U.S.A. using only high quality components and most feature true bypass switching. For those guitarists who have stock pedals that they want to breathe new life into, we offer mods for some of the Ibanez and Boss guitar effects such as the Boss DS-1 and SD-1 overdrive pedals. 


Texas Holdem Overdrive

The Texas Holdem Overdrive Pedal now comes in one version - SRV. With the guitar volume backed off, the Texas Holdem SRV has a smooth Texas blues tone reminiscent of Stevie Ray himself. Turn up the volume and gain and this pedal will respond with a biting brown sound that is perfect for Southern Rock.
$199.00 excl tax