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Analog Phaser Pedal

Lush analog phaser with true bypass switching. This effect pedal is completely hand wired and all internal components are matched to provide the best vintage analog tone you can buy.
$149.00 excl tax

Heavenly Boost

The Heavenly Boost is the perfect pedal for when you want to fatten up your guitar tone or just push your amp into breakup. We employ a JFET in a Class A configuration to mimic the characteristics and warmth of a tube amp. Most customers who have purchased one tell us they always leave it engaged - it is the secret sauce in their tone.
$99.00 excl tax

The Squeeze Compressor

The Squeeze is a modified Ross compressor clone that includes level, sustain and a switchable decay setting. Features include true bypass switching and premium parts and build quality.
$199.00 excl tax

Line Chauffeur Buffer Pedal

The Line Chauffeur buffer pedal will help prevent tone loss when your rig has many guitar pedals and/or you use long runs of cable. While we believe you will want this effect on all the time, we have included a true bypass switch to allow you the option of switching it out of your effects loop. This can come in handy when your rig contains certain vintage fuzz pedals.
$99.00 excl tax